​​​​​​inside the rail and road spot

     The Rail and Road promo was honored with two Emmys and a Promax World Gold award.  One of my senior producers at NY1, Larry Rochman, wrote the great copy. The animators/designers now working at The Nation did the incredible 3D design and animation. There are so many combinations of words in the spot…check out the buildings in the first section and  on the Brooklyn Bridge.

     We had to obtain permission from the NYC MTA to use their logos.  In the original animation, the bus was not speeding past the cars in the tunnel and the MTA thought it needed to move faster-even after I pointed out that traffic was usually moving slowly during rush hour (when the Rail and Road Report aired).  But since they wanted to have transportation in NYC portrayed in a favorable light, we sped up the bus…and that section of the spot is now one of the most dynamic parts. Good call MTA!

     Some of the folks in the subway car are children of NY1 employees.  We shot them in front of green screen and asked them to crouch down as though they were sitting on an imaginary bench or holding onto an imaginary pole.  They were perfect actors as you can see in the spot.

     Rob Kahn (RK Music) composed the fabulous music and sound design.  My fav sound?  The sea gulls at the end.


​​​​pat's  view

Pat Obermeier is an award winning (Emmy, Promax, BDA) creative writer and producer who worked in the cruel and shallow money trench (thank you Hunter S. Thompson) of TV in New York City for close to 20 years.  

After creating, designing and writing promos, print ads and whatever else they needed by next Thursday for networks from CNBC and CBS News, trekking to New Zealand to create/shoot the opens and launch promos for Jack of All Trades and Cleopatra 2525 for Studios USA, settling back in NYC for the launch of a Dick Wolf show, coming up with three different ways to tease a segment with Grover Cleveland’s tumor and other assorted oddities/locations for History’s Lost and Found, launching a network for Rainbow Media plus branding NYC's beloved NY1 News and other equally entertaining projects, Pat took a deep breath and left the industry to focus on her writing.

She is known for her out-of-the-box, humorous, off center yet award-winning approach to projects and the subsequent, almost requisite response of are you nuts, we can’t say/do/ run that! from a few of her less adventurous clients.

Drawing on her years in the NYC media and a two year stint in the morass of politics at a network in DC, Pat wrote The President Factor, available on Amazon and your local booksellers.

Author  Writer  producer 

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Pat Obermeier

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