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“A thoroughly enjoyable read that skillfully blurs the line between parody and reality.”  

 - Andrew Stern

Chatting with Errol Louis on NY1 News about The President Factor. Check it out!

Pat Obermeier

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​Fed up with the lack of credentials in an ever growing field of candidates, Democratic hopeful, Senator Adhemar Reyes spouts off on C-Span, “I’m tired of the I can see Russia from my porch candidates!  I propose all presidential candidates be required to participate in a reality show to show how they handle crisis situations before we put them in the White House!”

Uh-oh. Congress buys onto the idea and Reyes is sucked into the mother of all reality shows, The President Factor.

As Reyes and his Republican counterpart tackle the challenges, the TV networks go about misusing the show's footage to satisfy their own political agendas, the slanted cable talk shows ratchet it up a notch and the current president spies on the team from the opposite party.  Kinda like business as usual in DC today.

Will the charismatic Hispanic candidate win?
Why is one team getting Malaria shots?
Can Washington politics be even more absurd?

Yes...to the last question.
The rest is inside

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     On May 20th, standing on the floor of the US Senate at precisely 12:05pm, Senator Adhemar Reyes (D, NY) shot himself in the foot. 
     Not like a Dick Cheney shot, which was a real shot (also with political reverberations), but a metaphoric oh shit what did I just do shot.  A year and a half later it would turn his run for office into more of a hop for office since one cannot run swiftly when shot in the foot.  Even metaphorically.  Especially when the office one runs for/after is the office of President of The United States.  The Senator didn’t even know he did it.

       It was all captured on C-Span.